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Description: As a Youth or Children's Pastor, you are faced with several challenges when it comes to their programs: 1. What's going on when your students enter the room? 2. What is their first impression of their service? Is it engaging? Is it fun? 3. Do newcomers feel an immediate connection? We created PreService Shows to directly address these issues. They are videos that add energy and fun to your programís environment before it begins. The shows include interactive games, fun facts and Bible quizzes that will engage students from the second they walk through the door. You can have the show playing as kids walk into the room, to create an engaging and fun environment. These shows are especially good for visitors. It can be intimidating to walk into a room full of people and not know anyone. PreService shows give visiting kids something to focus on - and help them engage with other kids at the same time. Each PreService Show runs for 10 minutes and ends with a countdown which serves as the perfect starting point to any program. There are 3 themes - and multiple videos available with each theme. Every video has unique content - the theme is the only thing that is the same. SWITCHING CHANNELS PRESERVICE SHOW EDITION 2 All the content appears in a television set and it switches channels between each game/puzzle


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