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Description: This bible centered curriculum is packed full of resources to help equip you and your volunteers to provide a wonderful spiritual experience for your children’s ministry. Every lesson is simple, easy to teach and easily adaptable for any situation. Theme: Prayer should be an important part of our lives. Remember you can talk to God about anything, anywhere, anytime.

Lesson Overview

Lesson 1: Peter and Dorcas - Acts 9:32-43
God heard Peter’s prayer and brought Dorcas back to life.
Lesson 2: Peter and Cornelius - Acts 10:1-11:18
Cornelius and his family loved God and prayed to him regularly.
Lesson 3: Prayer For Peter - Acts 12:1-24
The church prayed earnestly for Peter while he was in jail.
Lesson 4: Review of Peter In Action
Are you a praying person?

Resources Include:

Lesson Outlines and Skits
Crossword Puzzles, Word Searches and Q&A Sheets.
Powerpoint Games
3 Minute Countdown Trivia Videos (one for each week)
Memory Verse Cards and Slides
Prayer Request Cards
2 Welcome and Goodbye Motion Backgrounds
4 Motion Backgrounds

*Bonus Song Track Included “Remember To Pray” (Additional mp3 included)

- Great for 3rd - 6th graders.
- Simple layout for teachers and volunteers.
- Easily adaptable for any teaching situation.
- Instant Download


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