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Description: Animated Lyrics with backgrounds for kids worship. Lead the young ones in your church in this high energy and catchy song of declaration from Uncle Charlie! (fast, up tempo praise and declaration) A Plan is a popular worship song for kids great for children's worship service.

Song Lyrics:

In the beginning God created Adam and Eve
In the garden of Eden, it was a beautiful place, so beautiful
Everything He made in 6 days and on the 7th day
He took a break
And He saw that it was good, so very good

'Cause God made the heavens and God made the earth
God made you before your birthday
He's gotta plan, he's gotta plan for you

'Cause God made the flowers and God made the trees
God made the birds and God made the bees
He's gotta plan, He's gotta plan for you

and if you walk in His ways it will come true..


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