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Description: For worship, we used to play a CD, follow a PowerPoint and have a teacher struggle through song motions. Now we combine all three elements on video and let the magic happen! Our kiddos are singing and moving to songs that show them exactly what to do. So crank up these worship jams and rock on!

“Never Be Shaken” by Jared G. Anderson. © 2009 Integrity Worship Music, Don Quixote. All rights reserved. Used by permission. No unauthorized use or duplication permitted.

Song Lyrics:

You oh Lord keep my lamp burning
You have turned my darkness to light
Set my feet high on this mountain
And put my enemies to flight

So I will praise You as long as I live
Oh I will praise You again and again

And when I walk through the valley
I will not fear
For You are my strength and my shield
And when everything around me is overtaken
I know I will never be shaken

Whoa I’ll never be shaken
Whoa I’ll never be shaken


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